Asking what he wants: I had to put it to the test. In my habit of being fussy, I normally ask a guy what he wants the minute he approaches a none friend zone topic. It did not work out well in the case of Will; Will simply said “kwani ni vibaya kujuana?” (Is it... Continue Reading →

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After a long day toiling in the exam room I came to my room sat down and begun reading the book #being a Virgin is not enough by Chadia Mathurin! Opening it, I thought it was one of juicy romantic novels that I gulp down whenever I get the chance. I was sorely disappointed to... Continue Reading →

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Broken eyes

saw every girl that settled for less I saw every girl that held on when they got cheated on and played  I saw a piece of my heart breaking 


To quit thinking of how my brain has sculpted you with marble..... perfection that has no imperfections  to make it beautiful. 

Topia II

People say womanhood begins when you get your first cycle or when you break your virginity depending on who you are and where you are from.  This is a lie for her and I am sure many out there.   She felt like a woman the day his gaze graced her skin.   That first... Continue Reading →

Little Procrastinator 

Today,  today has been a long day.  It all begun yester night with the girls keeping me up all night.  Okay it was not them..... It was just the good stories and amazing music.   Anyway, I had a cat early today.  First I woke up late as usual, luckily the cat was moved thirty... Continue Reading →

Hey you 

We all lapse into a state of comfort, where you stop fighting for your dreams where you get lazy . It's all normal.   I had that happen to me.  It's a wonderful state where all you worry about is today not tomorrow . Then you realise you can have it all.   I can... Continue Reading →

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