Asking what he wants: I had to put it to the test. In my habit of being fussy, I normally ask a guy what he wants the minute he approaches a none friend zone topic. It did not work out well in the case of Will; Will simply said “kwani ni vibaya kujuana?” (Is it... Continue Reading →

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After a long day toiling in the exam room I came to my room sat down and begun reading the book #being a Virgin is not enough by Chadia Mathurin! Opening it, I thought it was one of juicy romantic novels that I gulp down whenever I get the chance. I was sorely disappointed to... Continue Reading →

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So there's weed . I tried out weed and alcohol  . please do not report me  I  do not want to get arrested .  How I felt high? Wait I am lying to you it is not the first time I took weed, it is the first time I am writing about it .  I... Continue Reading →


 Alcohol ,liquid courage . Yet somehow in between we find ourselves taking a sip . Just a little sip to get a buzz   We all know that buzz . That courage to walk up to your crush and just hug them ...the courage to call your ex and ask to get back together .  The... Continue Reading →


That hollow feeling, The feeling of being empty Beliefs being stripped away Colour fading to a bleak white and black It is a bleak night tonight. Thinking of the  mass I attended sunday morning . I feel hollow not because of the mass itself but of how an acquaitances opinion affected mine. He ripped through... Continue Reading →


Lord Jesus men can not be helped !!After me trying to do them a solid favour of interprating a normal kenyan girl for them they do not learn . In the habit of going through peoples' status I came across this caption Now this is dope and in my appreciation for the party I was... Continue Reading →


All they have to worry about is their house and their man or whether mama nani has been eye raping baba nani too much plus they get THE D . I know it is easy to admire another’s shoe even though you know not what pebble is within, but with where I am headed, it looks very tempting.

Thornie , Steve and I -past

Its crazy the things we all do for love , some  may differ and say in relation to me -its always crazy . Although you are a cow for thinking so , I have to agree. Love drove me to do some drastic things,some  I may regret , some I may not .Love made me... Continue Reading →

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