conjuring the past

Today as I sit on a broken chair under the old roof at Siriba enjoying the ever slow but very free eduroam wifi , my ability to conjure the past (remember) ,seemed to have gotten a boost as I conjured up one of my more dramatic experiences .

The memory in itself had me laughing to myself like a mad hatter.

It was way back then when I was still in high school which in truth was about an year ago . But then again i was on my more rebellious stage at form 2 (way back in 2013…good old days ).

During one of my short holidays.I had one of those kabambe phones that all they seem to do is save battery charge.


I had been trying to convince my dad that I needed a new phone as the one I had was dysfunctional as I could not access Facebook or whatsapp ‘pathetic i know ‘ but in a teenage monshi’s life it was simply horrid.  At the time I could compare it to starvation or imprisonment maybe even exile what can I say? life back then was all black and white. 

One evening after my parents  refusing for the millionth time to even think of getting me a phone,   I thought it wise to drop my very old outdated phone into hot water in an attempt to force my father and mother to buy me a better phone.  

But as it is with such situations ,there was a hero to my attempt, my father- who heard my perfectly rehearsed scream as the phone fell , fished it out no later than 30seconds after it’s dive(funny ikr). 

That did not bother me as I was very sure that I had successfully put an end to my misery. So I pretended to be sad at it’s sudden demise to gain their pity and hopefully a new phone. 

Unfortunately those “kabambe” phones are  persistent and resilient to a teenagers tantrum as minutes later the dreadful phone switched on.I could not believe it and in truth I wanted to cry .But that would make me guilty of purposely dropping it into the water.

I swear , it switched on just to mock me  with that nokia tune as if I had failed in a bet we had made.For what it was worth I realised that death by water was not a suitable way to try and kill a phone -I should have flushed it down the toilet-but how would I explain that to my parents??? It fell and flushed itself – they would most likely not believe me, heck!  even I would not believe that the phone flushed itself . 

Therefore the remaining days of my holiday I spent 10ksh a day on 200 free SMS and playing bounce- which was very entertaining – I must admit  . 

Fortunately good grades can also earn you a phone easier than a destroyed one as during my next holiday I did get my wish- a better phone. 

 Sadly as with all new things they do get old…. but that is a story for another day. 


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