Thonie,Steve and I – Part 1

2006. Upper class manenos. Class 4. F.o.u.r!!

The Beginning.

First day of school. I can’t say us meeting was a special moment after all I was eight, she was nine. But still, there’s that chemistry everyone has when they meet their besties. We clicked.
She was my height, maybe a shade lighter . Those round eyes of innocence and the right amount of mischief to make any school day an exciting day coz me and her  meant fun – even when it got us into trouble. She was talkie enough to match my chatterboxiness .
We were a team , deskies .She was the new girl and I was the oldie to show her all the ropes of school . It was an exciting ordeal and young  me felt like a cheat .I had a bestie – Annie -dark in complexion white in her soul. She was amaizing.

(Ohh temptation!!!).

I wanted them both to be my besties-it wasn’t unrealistic, people have had two besties before, right?? But as it was, neither of them were willing to share me.
Annie and I came from way back in kindergarten …we knew each others’ favourites and dislikes, she must have felt threatened. She gave me an ultimatum-choose who was to be my bff. Who knew Annie had a dark side? To cut a  long story short, a fight as large a world war and as tiny as a baby’s burp broke :).

I didn’t choose Annie.

Maybe because she wasn’t new. I mean, we all know I have a thing for new things. I did tell you even new things grow old, remember?. My new bff and I just rode into the sunset, and thus, began the start of a beautiful friendship, right?

Oh, I  forgot to intro her name …silly me. I guess with all what went down it was easier to forget . Thonie, was her name, as beautiful as a rose and as thorny as its stem …I know it sounds shady but that was her name and still is … if only you could make b*tch her second name, then she’d be a Thonie B*tch.


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