Tiny In Africa 


A lot of things some important-some do not even make sense to monshi herself . Hence you may decide for yourself.

I sound so queenly at times.

 This morning I woke with the thought that in Africa and as a woman the worst possible thing to happen to you (okay I am over reacting…. but you get my point right????) Is  for you to be tiny . By tiny  I mean small cup  breasts and a not so popping out bottom that wiggles with every movement even when you blink -exaggeration.

As many of you will contradict me on this, I have to point out the fact this is just my own rant and seeing that I am not in the category of ‘big booty’ I think I have an insiders view . (Hehehe )

To you it may be not true but trust me on this true I am saying this from experience. 

It is not news that  99% of my guy friends and probably 90% of the males in maseno (which is where my ‘research’ is based ) like women with a big behind… I don’t mean Vera sidika big but give or take .

Maybe their views are influenced by the fact that they are in maseno and one thing kisumu is known for is it’s women with the big behinds. (I think so)

Yet half of them date girls who pretty as they are do not have this big bottom that they would prefer. 

Which brings me to the bottom(see what I did ) of my rant if you prefer a big behind trust me on one thing don’t tell a ‘tiny’ girl that- then expect her to date you later or better yet keep it in your dudes circle cause the worst thing a girl can feel is that you settled for her. 

Personally I would rather be alone than have someone settle for me. 

I do believe we all deserve the best.

Another thing is stop advising us to do this exercise that helps your butt pop

Who told you I want a big behind!!!!I enjoy my portability thank you very much!

I no longer blame all this ladies we hear try to get a big behind in hospitals cause the pressure is real. 

Note:I have nothing against ladies with a a big behind nor do I have an issue with guys who prefer them. 

Walk the talk-you like big booty?? good. Date big booty. Don’t date small booty only for you to start chasing big booty. That makes you a jerk.

Okay this one sucks.  But it’s still something that bugs me and I thought it wise to imposed my opinion on you.


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  1. Ladies would do good if they accept themselves as they are. Matters the heart aren’t begged for or forced,they come naturally.
    As for us dudes,we also need to define what we want, different tastes is a common phenomena which makes life all the more interesting. Know what you want and go for it,that’s what real men do.

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