Thonie,Steve and I-Part 2


It happens to the best of us. Well this natural phenomenon did not change much -our friendship was intact.Friends forever we said .

Sweet ignorance.

She left. I don’t remember a good bye .But given the circumstance at which I write – I have nothing good to say about her. 

One year apart.2012

High school. A reunion, she was there. The ying to my Yang was back.Sort of like a ressurection. 

Physically, Thonie did change , so did I- but let’s focus on her. Two lumps of perky flesh upon her chest-breasts. A smooth curve below her waist-hips.

Womanhood brought us closer. We had a whole new set of stories to swap.Who was whose crush, who was cute,what was in at that time ,the future. 

Looking back,  I was too honest . i trusted her too much .Can one year change someone so much?She was no longer my Thonie .Some may say it is I who changed.

 But this is my story and in this tale, she wronged me. 

My wish is not to soil our memories together ,although, Thornie did an awesome job at that.

Distance did not tear the bond formed years ago between two juveniles.We swapped letters. The bond changed but it was never torn. It ended .we were still besties (friends forever )

He was her friend-a very close friend . Thonie thought it wise to push us together. 

Did she have feelings for him?No -she said. Her wish? Her two most favorite people together. 


Steve and I.



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