Thonie,Steve and I-Part 3

She lied.

 A glorious relationship it was Thonie and  Steve  always chatting. Sometimes visiting each other till once perhaps by the slip of her tounge Thonie stated that she had to kick Steve out of her home and another in which she said a long time ago way before they we’re ‘pals’ they may have swapped saliva and thought it wise to stop it there and stick to being pals. 

Yet she pushed us together . 

Their friendship qualifies to rated as a complicated matter. Add I into the mix… well it becomes another story all together one that I am trying diligently trying to narrate without being too biased.

Eventually after a lot of interference from Thonie Steve and I begun to talk.  Mindless chatter revolving around our day to day activities at times about Thonie and her issue.  It was clear that we both cared for her….. despite the fact that she was no saint.  I never thought I would get the full burn of her unholy alliances.  

Finally one cloudy evening after a very sunny afternoon and a blissfully morning.  Steve and I met. 

I wonder if the weather was symbolic to our relationship since that night did have an awful storm and a blackout. 

Bad omen.

I met him. 8 inches over 5 feet, broad shoulders leading to a narrow waist and smouldering eyes that I think we’re his best feature And a cute geekiness about him.. 

The fall is how I call it.  He said the perfect words. Was he trained prior to our meeting by one who knew me best??  I would hope not.  But I have became a bit paranoid since then .

I landed neatly into the tiny square he had made just for me in his heart or maybe it was a spot on his belt. While he occupied every crook and crack of my soft naive heart.  

Of course I had to keep my bestie updated on the amazing details her ‘project’-Steve and I. 

Perhaps that was my mistake telling her everything.I may have painted a picture in her head of what it was like to be with Steve and she may have begun wishing she had him Instead of I.  I make him sound like an item but then he was mine to talk about . I wish!

Every rocky patch would be reported diligent to bestie and she would  bug her  other bestie for hurting her bestie. 

She even regretted pushing us together I wonder of it was because at times he was an ass or because she now fancied him. (I did tell you I am now paranoid)

It is said you never know the value of something until it is no longer available. 

I left… not forever but to a different county far from home for uni .Two weeks post my departure they happened. 

The two people I can claim to have once loved. 

Thonie said he came onto her . She thought it wise to tell after all bestie tell each other all. That’s admirable of her.

She called rights .She had known him longer.

Our whole relationship had been my own elusion in my head with my imaginary Steve.





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