I write this now, not because it happened today ,but today is the day I have gotten over my denial. 

I accept -I am a wimp.Two days ago. My fellow comrades took up the initiative to get us all out of the school ,as no learning is taking place. Why???The lectures are on strike till they get their promised salaries.

Kenya ,full of false promises. 

 It was early morning and I was  in the process of cleaning when whistles were heard.  (I miss my roomie)

Not the good kind of whistles of children playing or cat calls. Nope!This was a full on battle screech accompanied with very deep loud voices. 

Comrades achoo!!Comrades Riaa!comrades fire!!!

Trust me ,I have no idea what that means. But coming from the loud deep voices outside it was not funny. They sounded violent even.

I live on the third floor and did not  expect that they would get all the way up here.  The whistles got louder the footsteps closer .I was terrified. I haven’t had good experience with Student unrest which always leads to police brutality. 

I was at the brim of tears ,huddled at the Conner of my Decker bed chanting hail Mary’s. My hands still wet from mopping. 

Staring at the door as it shook with every bang trying to contain my panic .That is when I took notice of my window 

Could I possibly fit there and if I did how would I get down?

The good news is I am well and alive. The bad news is I am a wimp. 


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