Fifty shades of red

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dye my hair . I was stuck between choosing the cliché blonde everyone has or the copper brown that looked so good on the picture.

For those who have watched pitch perfect 2 it’s the same shade as the ‘white girl’s with the shinny brown hair .

Note:I know half of them are white but I don’t know their names and that is beside the point . 

 The shop  attendant said copper brown  would look super good on my skin tone . 

 Buying 2 boxes of it, I  skipped all the way to the salon to get it done . We all know that one salon lady whose a pal of your mom’s and now assumes your no longer a customer and because they are probably older want to boss you around about your hair .

They usually have you wait longer and have a horrible attitude in which you can not tell them nothing.

Anyway, she mixed them up and begun doing my hair . I realised that it was so simple I could have done it at home .  But it being my first time dying I wanted it to be professionally done .

She had me wait about two hours for it to dry, mind you she had a dryer that could probably do that work in half the time . 

I did realise it was more concentrated at some points. But as I said before she is not one of the salonists you could point a mistake and have it fixed .

I know what am doing wait and see.

That is probably not a good trait to have when doing such a job . 

The results? I had three shades of brown on my hair and one shade of red . It was not too bad but still …How do you get brown dye to turn red then blonde??

Mysteries of hair . If I do decide to dye it again I will do it in the comfort of my house .

Trusting the lady again with my hair is a no-no.

But now that valentines here…. My hair is already fifty shades of red hence I can forfeit wearing of red. 


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