singles on Valentines

The day of love.  We all know it’s a romantic day so we may all stop pretending it’s about friends and family(that’s what Christmas and Thanksgiving is for) 

Valentines is a day we want to go out on a date. Be corny snuggle with our beloved or walk around flaunting to all singles that you have a partner. 

Us singles we spend it at home or work.  Messaging our whole phone book to have a wonderful valentines, probably not wearing red externally so as the whole ‘valentines is just a day’can seem real.  That morning you stared at your red number and avoided it.  

When evening comes we snuggle into bed with our Teddy bears or a nice romantic novel that makes you cry at it’s sweetness.  

Meanwhile our non single counterparts are busy sharing pics all over the media and all you can do is post a picture of family saying you love them which is true but still? 

Some spend it with a similarly single friend pretending they are that special someone  who makes your pulse quicken and dance in the shower. 

I will be in my bed reading some funny book and drinking fruit juice. 


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