Thornie , Steve and I -past

Its crazy the things we all do for love , some  may differ and say in relation to me -its always crazy . Although you are a cow for thinking so , I have to agree.

Love drove me to do some drastic things,some  I may regret , some I may not .Love made me discontinue THORNIE , STEVE AND I. No-I am not taking it down , Simply I wont  give them an ending, either way the parts I wrote are pretty much  the juicy bits of the story after all that is where Thornie , steve and I ended nowadays its simply Thornie and I or Steve and I it is no longer us three.

How did love cause me to stop, well I do love Thornie somewhere deep deep inside . Plus who wants tantrums everytime you write ? Through this strained time as we build bridges over our disagreements them being Steve I want a smooth sailing-a smooth wonderful voyage to ‘bestietopia‘.

Some of you may say this is me moving on , I prefer it being me growing up!Also who wants us three together in one room? I have no idea how that would play down but I am pretty sure  it will not end in a ‘menage of three’ if you get my drift.

In letting go of this tale, I start a whole new journey . One that I hope will be better and greener. It is said the grass is always greener on the side.


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