After a long day toiling in the exam room I came to my room sat down and begun reading the book #being a Virgin is not enough by Chadia Mathurin! Opening it, I thought it was one of juicy romantic novels that I gulp down whenever I get the chance. I was sorely disappointed to find it to be the exact opposite. It is one of those advice book for Christians everywhere-Not wanting to indulge myself in someone’s views that are bound to make me feel guilty for the faults of my youth and not having everything figured out . I decided to read the blog post instead as it was bound to be short and straight to the point. Thus my guilt begun.

I realize not most of us are emotionally whole leave alone physically. The blog is based on the belief marriage is till death do us part or that it is sacred, as sweet as that sounds not many of us believe in that ,no, don’t blame the media .The media does not run itself . I blame the generations before us. I have studied my parents’ marriage and while they are still together ,I still saw them argue, I still saw them ignore each other and cause emotional damage ,while many say it not sane to base it on our parents , one has to remember personality is not built in one day, neither can it be undone in one day . I do not get the point of self-preservation for one human only for them to be a basket of lemons.

I do get that everything has its up and downs, so I wonder how do I find the “one” without the risk of losing my emotional wholeness and physical wholeness. Every good shopper knows to always see the merchandise before buying or in this case investing (there are too many con-men lurking about).

choose the frog wisely


After all you have to kiss a frog to find your prince!Hence I am experimenting a way to better increase the chances of that frog being a prince before you have to kiss the frog, you get a front row sit.



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