Asking what he wants: I had to put it to the test.

In my habit of being fussy, I normally ask a guy what he wants the minute he approaches a none friend zone topic. It did not work out well in the case of Will; Will simply said “kwani ni vibaya kujuana?” (Is it wrong to know each other?). This automatically disqualifies Will from ever getting past the friend zone it even disqualifies him from being a close friend. If you grew up in Kenya or went to a public high school here, you know the whole kujuana line is a clear indication of a fuck boy or someone who wants a quick lay. I am not saying there are no guys out there who say it simply for friendship. If you know of one send him my he is a specimen to be observed.


The longer you study cases such as those of Will; this guy’s strive to wear you down till you give in and give them a chance which normally worked in high school or any social setting cause who wants to be known as a snob? What makes Will a frog whose merchandise I do not wish to see is the conversation after the kujuana line. The minute you tolerate the conversation past that line, he will want to meet during which he will try to make advances as if you have been dating forever.

Then the deal breaker (drum rolls)

They normally ask all sorts of questions like your hobbies and isht. While it is a normal topic, it normally heads to a more sexual setting .The minute the “Are you a virgin?” question pops in run for your life. Block him. He simply has no manners. You may like a good lay but trust me he is asking that question just for himself, it is an exam, and no one likes those. He wants to know whether he can start claiming to have hit that. We all know the guys that hug you (a simple hug) and suddenly start making comments as if he has reached the whole nine yards. You may be proud of your being or not being a virgin but this is not a road you want to down on if indeed you want a healthy relationship.

Yes, he is a frog. Is he a frog worth kissing? This one is not and the probability of him being a prince for you is like the probability of arsenal wining.





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