Lord Jesus men can not be helped !!After me trying to do them a solid favour of interprating a normal kenyan girl for them they do not learn .

In the habit of going through peoples’ status I came across this caption

Mugabe quotes

Now this is dope and in my appreciation for the party I was like:

See it was a harmless comment we send such comments since the new what’s app.Mind you, this is one of those contacts you save so you dont have to.keep asking the “who is it question ?” after accidentally deleting the chat*cough.

Anyway this is how it went :

Yes unfortunately is misspelt,I think??(my auto correct is dead at the moment,it changed a sentence’s meaning so I gave it a vaccay)

I wanted to flip out . What the actual f**k? Perhaps it has not happened because he went seven rounds and could actually afford “Durex” for each round !!!

How is the are you a virgin coming in! I am so effing pissed . Then the nothing i am trying yo trouble you! Congrats you just launched a nuclear bomb !Does my advice not help anyone? Not that i should advice anyone but still…

Honestly ,do I seem like a peacefull person?? I love a good argument it gives me a rush no drug can give!! The speed at which we try and win . So,how was i to react ‘vizuri‘ to something like that?

I rest my case !


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