I am Kenya

​I recieved a message this early.morning following the death of Hon. Nkaissery-a good leader ,a Kenyan, a father, a husband . 

The disturbing thing is not the fact that I am maasai nor is it that the message mainly speaks about the maasai community but the fact that the sender refers to him as ‘A great maasai leader ‘and not as A great kenyan leader .

It broke my heart that in this time of mourning ,this sender decided to politicise the message and already start naming parties and candidates thus using Nkaissery’s death to propel their political views.

It hurts thay he sent this not only to me but countless other who were still in shock !Yes,the maasai community is facing a hard time with such people encouraging us to reclaim our land and stop selling to other communities . Again I ask , is this person  dumb enough not to see he is enciting people ?

They are striving to cause chaos by pretending to care . The maasai culture is preserved because we do not fight with other communities,we embrace the freedom to heard our livestock all over the country even in the great nairobi city and even kisumu city . 

The Maasai world is loosing great leaders at such an alarming rate. Just in a space of 5 years they have lost the Flamboyant Professor of Mathematics Professor George Saitoti, Business Tycoon and former Kajiado Mp John Kean, Narok’s very own William Ole Ntimama and now the former Kajiado Central Mp Gen. Nkaissery. The Maasai world is going through such a hard time to find replacements for such great  leaders. All we can tell them, is to just stay strong and put trust some upcoming and I believe awesome leaders who can fill the void left behind. Leaders such as the Kajiado ODM Governor Dr. David Ole Nkedianye, the ever smilling and youthful Kajiado Central Mp Elijah Kanchory Memusy the man who replaced Nkaissery and the newly appointed chairman of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Eng. Joseph Ole Nkadayo. I feel for the Maasai Community. If these remaining leaders don’t exercise great command and unite the Maasais, then am afraid that community will become directionless and even go extinct from the way they are selling off their lands to so many different Kenyan Communities. I really feel for that community. Its so painful!

The land is ours to sell to whomever we please you will not take away that freedom by your double faced advice and demonising diversity!!

I want a peacefull Kenya ! A kenya in which I am not asked my tribe at the start of every conversation or friendship! A kenya in which we can coexist . 

Currently a mad man or group has been killing livestock in a bid to entice a reaction from the community . Our local leaders worked so hard to calm the storm after a kenyan leader adviced the community to reclaim what is theirs! I truly hope you will not use Nkaiseery’s untimely death to cause unrest .

RIP Hon. Nkaissery you shall be greatly missed . In favour of his memory let unity and peace prevail in out hearts and in kenya .



  1. Ms, you have spoken, and the this great community, will not lose direction cause you are there to bring back and continue with the great change and development that was started by the legends.
    #One nation, #one people, #peace

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  2. You have spoken well Ms.Naisenya, a lot needs to be done to ensure our country doesn’t get lost and what you’ve written here will go a long way in ensuring that peace prevails and patriotism finds its way back into our hearts

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